Slatey Grey Snakes, Aquarium and Reptiles

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Darwin Snake Catchers - Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) HARMLESS Slaty-grey snakes are very defensive and will hiss and strike if cornered, as well as emit a bad smelling musk. An opportunistic feeder

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Slaty-grey & Keelback – ALEPHROCCO

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What kind of snake is this? It was a baby and my dogs attacked it. I feel terrible about it! Located in eastern NC. : r/whatsthissnake

Slaty-grey & Keelback – ALEPHROCCO

Darwin Snake Catchers - Slaty-grey Snake (Stegonotus cucullatus) HARMLESS. Common Average size: 1.3 m; Max size: 2 m Active at night. Capable climber. Common in every suburb in Darwin.

Slaty-grey Snake

Little white crowned snake (Cacophis harriettae) relocation from South Maclean . . . #snake #snakecatcher #whitecrownedsnake #elapid #ca